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All About Black Hair

Black hair is amazing! It can become anything you want it to be with a little help from the right tools and products!  The different textures, tones and types found in our hair are the most diverse and interesting of all the ethnic groups!

You can wear your hair in so many ways and forms. You’ll never get bored or run out of options to try! You can get your hair fried, dyed and laid to the side (o.k…maybe not). But, you can wear your hair “different-for-a-day” – or longer with the help of hair extensions.

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About Dreadlocks

Ever wondered about dreadlocks? Locs, Dreads, Natty. Many words have been used to describe dreadlocked hair.

But one thing always remains the same, and that’s the fact that locs are beautiful and traditionally a black hair style.

Dreds shouldn’t be confused with ’Rasta’, short for Rastafarian, which is a religious culture that originated in Jamaica. Most rastas wear dreads, but every dred isn’t a rasta!They are regal and reflect the true essence of blackness. Black women who wear dreads tend to have a very strong connection with their ethnicity and culture. Read more

Relaxed Hair

Do you have relaxed hair? If you do, you’re one of many black women who choose to wear their hair this way.If you just love it when your hair is blowing in the wind or bouncin’ and behavin’, this is definately your best choice!. Having it means having lots of styling options ranging from very simple to highly elaborate. You also get that streamlined sophisticated look that comes with rocking a straight do!

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How to Roller Set Hair

Learning how to roller set hair is a must do if your goal is to have strong and healthy relaxed hair. When you cut down on the amount of direct and high heat you use on your hair it gets healthier and stronger.With a good wash, deep conditioning and roller set 2-3 times a week, your hair will always be sleek, smooth and damage free.
Tools You Need

20-40 Magnetic Rollers
Small Box of Roller Clips
Wide Tooth Comb
Large Paddle Brush
Leave-in Conditioner
Setting Lotion
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