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Reason fo Hair Breakage

If you have ever had troubles with hair breaking, do not get discouraged. There’s a lot you are able to do to solve it once you know what to do to stop it and prevent it from happening again.

Split Ends
If your hair is split it becomes very much weaker at the ends. As you comb and brush it and even occasionally when you do not, little pieces break off. It might not appear like much but over time it adds up and can get so bad that you have to get precious inches cut off. Read more

Wild Growth Hair Oil Review

Wild Growth Hair Oil has been a staple in the black hair products market for years, and for good reason. As simple as this product appears to be when you see it sitting on the shelf of your local beauty supply store, you wouldn’t believe how much controversy it has sparked in discussion groups about black hair growth.

What does this product promise to do?

The makers of Wild Growth Hair Oil tout it as being the best hair growth moisturizer for ethnic textured hair available. There are several results promised in a short period of time for users of this product. Read more

Typical Hair Growth Rates

Hair typically grows at a rate of ¼ inch to as much as 1 inch a month depending on the above factors.  The maximum length your hair can grow to depends on your hair growth rates and also the length of your hair growth cycle.

To get an idea of how long your hair can grow you have to do two things.

  1. Figure out how much your hair grows per month.
  2. Try to guess how long your hairs growth cycle is.

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Hair Growth

Since the dawn of time hair growth has been a touchy subject. I’m not even going to get into the who, where, how and why of it.

If you’ve always wanted to have better quality or faster growth, I’m sure you know who you are. Here are some tips you can use to help you along in your ‘tress quest’!

Thinning of the Hairline and Hair Loss
Find out the causes and get treatment and prevention tips of this problem. Read more

Hair Pieces for Black Women

Hair pieces for black women are a big gain to your stunner “bag of tricks”. They can modify your whole appear and take just a little effort in interchange for a whole lot of mode!

They are a quick fix, but not a bad one, because they can save you in a pinch. They come in many different forms.

These are pinned into your hair and add body, color, length and texture.

Drawstring Ponytails
These are put over a finished bun. The strings are then drawn tight to secure the ponytail unto your hair. Some times they even have combs attached for extra hold.

These have wefts of hair attached to them and can be used to add splashes of color to your style.
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Black Hair Weaves

Black hair weaves are very popular and are sometimes called ‘hair extensions’ by women of other ethnic backgrounds.  If you don’t have a lot of time to spend on your hair on a daily basis a hair weave just might be the solution you’re looking for.

There are  many different reasons why you might want to get a weave.

  • To try a different look
  • Try things without affecting your own hair
  • Cut
  • Color
  • Do a lot of heat styling
  • Work in the performing arts?
  • Planning to going on vacation?
  • Save a lot of styling time
  • Maintain a professional look
  • Spend less time on your hair?
  • Heavily involved in athletics?

Depending on the type you get and the hair you use your maintenance can go down significantly. Read more