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Black and White Modern Contemporary – Home Interior Design

This is a sample of the best photos of interior design ideas for the living room, bedroom, dining room, including furniture, such as the sofa, floor lamp, wall paint, wall paper, chairs, wardrobe you may use as inspiration to redesign cool design interior of your home. Created by interior designer Semsa Bilge, using the basic idea of the modern home interiors in black and white with wooden floors. Black and white interior is still appreciated. Read more

What Synthetic Chair Manufacturer Can Offer For Chairs

Synthetic fabric is the most popular fabric used in many furniture products. It is the cheapest fabric and able to lower price of the final products. It is also known to be easy to shape: one can imitate the appearance of leather, cotton, silk, and so on with this material. You can add the well known durability, stains-resistant, antistatic, and no wrinkles features. Therefore the market for this niche is never dropping. It means more options for customers.

No wonder that when it comes to chairs, synthetic chairs are what we would find in houses, whether at the front veranda or inside the living room. With every synthetic chair manufacturer in the world offering their products through the internet, it is proper to say that for the next years we will still find synthetic chairs. Read more

Rocking Chairs Today

Over the next century artisans created many styles of rocker based chairs but only few made any notable foothold in the market. The wicker rocking chair was popular as it was easy to make and cost very little to buy. Wicker was soaring in production during the middle 1800s as the textile industry made a move from human made works to animal drafted machine processes as anything made of wood could be made into a wicker piece. Wicker rocking chairs were finely crafted and came in many creative designs and while they weren’t the most durable pieces of furniture they did make and continue to make fine decorative pieces of furniture. Read more

Glider Rocking Chair Styles

A Brief History of Glider Rocking Chairs

They certainly don’t have the history of their predecessors as they have only been in existence since 1930 created as an oak glider rocking chair. It is based on a platform rocking chair where the rocking motion is delivered through a four bar linking track that runs along the chair’s base. It’s a non-parallel apparatus whose suspension allows it to move back and forth.

The swivel base was added in the 1960s by an American furniture maker. This allowed the chair to increase its mobility from merely rocking back and forth to rotating 180 degrees in both directions. Read more