Reason fo Hair Breakage

If you have ever had troubles with hair breaking, do not get discouraged. There’s a lot you are able to do to solve it once you know what to do to stop it and prevent it from happening again.

Split Ends
If your hair is split it becomes very much weaker at the ends. As you comb and brush it and even occasionally when you do not, little pieces break off. It might not appear like much but over time it adds up and can get so bad that you have to get precious inches cut off.

Over Processing
If you are acquiring your hair relaxed or colored more frequently than every 8 weeks, chances are your hair is over processed. If you do not give your hair adequate time to grow out, when you get it done the chemicals overlap unto previously processed hair. Over time this breaks down the layers of the hair and creates weak spots.

Double Processing
Getting your hair relaxed and colored is a very bad thing and can only lead to disaster. The general rule is….if you relax, don’t color and if you color, don’t relax.

Too Much Handling
If you are like me you like to play with your hair a lot. Excessive combing, brushing and washing will lead to hair breakage. Your hair is delicate and you should treat it as such. You would not pull and tug a lot on a delicate piece of lace. Do your hair a favor and give it a break!

Wearing Hair Down
If you like to have your hair blowing in the breeze all the time and just don’t think you look good with your hair up consider this….When you wear it down it rubs against your clothes, gets caught in different places, tears and breaks.

Not Enough Moisture
If you are not using a large set of deep moisturizing products then your hair is going to dry out and become prone to snapping. Maintaining moisture in your hair is the key to making the elasticity in your hair stay at top levels.

Rough Handling

If you’ve a tendency to be rough with your hair because it acquires thick and tangled, you’re your own worst enemy when it comes to damage. Black hair appears strong and resilient but it’s very delicate naturally. Treat your hair alike it’s a delicate piece of silk and I assure you will see dramatically less breakage.

Infrequent Conditioning
Not washing and conditioning your hair regularly is a very bad thing. if you do not conditioning your hair with protein and wet on  daily basis your hair acquires much weaker over time.

Wearing the Wrong Hair Accessories
Applying rubber bands and other questionable hair clips made of metal that have teeth to catch your hair are big no no’s. Forever use smooth fabrics like silk and satin in your hair. These will not tear your hair.

Sleeping on Cotton Pillow Cases
Cotton absorbs wet and if you sleep on a cotton pillowcase without any security over your hair it will dry right out. The fibers in cotton grab your hair and tear it when you move your head while you sleep.

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