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Lacoste Swim Suits

People were shocked and astounded in the 1920′s when women began wearing figure-hugging swimsuits made from wool, called the athletic tank suit.This suit was designed as one piece with leggings that stopped at the mid-thigh. Underneath the swim legs was a set of built-in modesty shorts. In the 1930′s, cotton printed bathing suits replaced the wool athletic tank suits. Since seeing thighs was still risque, little over-skirts were included with the suit.

The bathing suits that first came out in the 1940′s were the styles that bears some relationship to the swimming wear we see today. Read more

Lacoste Swim Trunks

Most of the time, reminiscing about the 1970′s is enjoyable but one of the embarrassing points of that decade was the widespread use of Speedo briefs. Thankfully, more-modest men began to explore other options for swimwear and found the casual-styled broad shorts.This swim wear originated in cultures linked to surfing and spending days spent at the beach.

One of the benefits of broad shorts compared to wearing swimming briefs and thongs is the inclusion of front pockets to keep your small possessions such as car keys, chewing gum, and coin purse. Read more

How to Feel Good in a Swimsuit

Most women would opt for a trip to the dentist versus putting on a swimsuit. It is the only time we expose ourselves to the general public in a nearly naked state, and doing so can bring out the inner critic in even the strongest of us. But donning a bathing suit usually means you’re about to enjoy some of warm weather’s most pleasurable activities. It’s worth putting a little effort into feeling good about your swim-ready body so you can forget about your appearance and enjoy the day’s activities.

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