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Wacoal Bras

Intimate apparel should make you shine from the inside out. You can have the beautiful self-image and confidence that you strive for with Wacoal bras. Wacoal America is part of one of the world’s largest intimate apparel amalgamations. Initiated by a young Japanese entrepreneur, Wacoal bra designs became known throughout Japan, Asia, Europe and the United States for high quality fit, design, and fabrics. Designs are adapted to specific sizes, whether petite, medium or fuller figures; and are presented in lightweight, comfortable styles to suit different tastes and trends. Read more

Winter 2011 Women Backstage

Versace fashion is one of the top fashion clothing brand in the entire world of fashion.Backstage pictures and fashion show back stage models are so stylish and look really original.Versace beautiful models are so hot and pretty.Versace fashion shows have created it’s mark in the world of fashion over the years,a big Daddy of the fashion world is known as Versace. Read more

How to Wrap Black Hair

Learning how to wrap black hair is simple with the right instructions. Avoiding direct heat is essential to having healthy relaxed hair. If you do it regularly and the right way your hair will be soft, bouncy and healthy! Use this tutorial to get a salon smooth wrap.

Tools You Need

  1. 4-6 Large Hair pins
  2. Wide Tooth Comb
  3. Small Toothed Rat Tail Comb
  4. Medium Paddle Brush
  5. Soft Boar Bristle Brush
  6. Leave-in Conditioner
  7. Hair Serum

Step By Step Instructions Read more

Confessions of a Beauty Addict

I am certain everybody can say that they’ve something that they are passionate about in life, well with me I would have to say that would be the beauty world. You can find me on most weekends at your local cosmetics sections or specialty store looking for the latest and greatest Modern products that assures that whatever it is meant to do, it does it best! Now, I am delighted that I can bring all of my escapades to you. Read more