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My glittery nail experiment

While attempting to do the new trend of having a complete matte nail with a shiny tip in the same color, well, Earl decided I needed to pick him up. I have found that Zoya nail polish takes far longer to dry even with my speed dry top coat that I love with all of my other polishes so three of my shiny charcoal tips got messed up. I should have known better than to even try.

I really didn’t want to start over again, so I remembered what a random girl in Walgreens told me when I picked up Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Rock-star pink that is basically pink, fuchsia and silver glitter fingernail polish. It is definitely not one of those sheer sparkle polishes. It goes on very opaque and glittery. Read more

Illasmasqua Nail Polishes

Hi, I am Jennifer. I want to tell something about Illasmasqua Nail Polishes Products.I love these polishes. Sephora has many different finishes and colors. The ones below are all Satin, but when I use my top coats they are shiny:

-Vibrant Colors
-Long Wear Colors
-Satin Wear can be glossy if you use a topcoat
-Great for those that collect nail polishes and want to bring something new to the collection.
-Love the “rubbery” feel that reminds me of Nars packaging (however, no messy sticking to product) Read more

Face of the Day and Nail Art

Below you are viewing my first and amateur experience with actual beads that are created for your nails. They come in strips and are these cool beads that were provided to me by a website called Wow So Cool and I think they are awesome. I kept them so when I wear them again I will be able to get a better fit. You get a zebra print and another colorful print. I also have a pack of beaded pink and black butterflies that I am so excited to use. I have had these for a while, but they got lost in my storage. The polish I am so excited about using as it is a great summer color. Read more

Mini Wet N Wild Haul

 I was desperately looking for the new Wet N Wild products. I could not find anything in my local Walgreens or Rite-Aid. *wimper* I really love their products and am very impressed by the quality. It is not just by chance that I liked the quality of the last polishes I bought as I have tried each of the below polishes and I really only needed one coat. I did a quick second coat for all of the colors, but could have gotten away with the 1st coat. LOVE THEM! Get this…they were all on sale for 69 cents. The eye shadows were at the regular cost of $1.99. I love to find the BOGO deals, but even at the regular prices, the eye shadows are just wonderfully priced and great quality. Read more

Milani Review

I will be Reviewing Some  products in a beauty supply . I really enjoy Milani products.

First, I got two of their polishes that go on really smoothly. They are the 3D Holographic polishes in silver and gold. I see that the silver has a name called Cyberspace, but I don’t see a name for the gold one. With two coats, I got an opaque coverage. I was thinking that the silver especially may look nice over a charcoal or black for a party or  night out just to add the sheer 3D Holographic look. Read more

Nails Polishes from the past week

I absolutely love changing my nail polish and getting a new look. I need to get out to get some more fall colors since it is really cold here today. We went from 97 degrees last week to it being 67 degrees today, chilly and rainy. However, I look forward to fall. I have to say that I buy all different types of polish, but Orly always gives me the most flawless application as I love that brush and it never clumps. I love all different kinds of polish though…even the 1.99 polishes from Walgreens, called Sinful Confessions.

Read more