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Reason fo Hair Breakage

If you have ever had troubles with hair breaking, do not get discouraged. There’s a lot you are able to do to solve it once you know what to do to stop it and prevent it from happening again.

Split Ends
If your hair is split it becomes very much weaker at the ends. As you comb and brush it and even occasionally when you do not, little pieces break off. It might not appear like much but over time it adds up and can get so bad that you have to get precious inches cut off. Read more

Hair Washing Steps

1. Softly and exhaustively comb out and detangle your hair with a broad tooth comb.

2.Saturate hair with water with before shampooing – this is more significant than you might understand.

3. Apply a dime or quarter-sized amount of shampoo depending upon your hair’s length. Work it into a lather. Employ to, and focus on the scalp – shampoo is for the scalp, conditioner is for the hair.

4. Massage scalp deeply to invigorate it and loosen flakes that might be there.5. Exhaustively rinse hair till all traces of shampoo are gone. This ought take about 1 and a half to 2 minutes. If required, part your hair and check to make certain it’s all out.

6. Gently squeeze to excess water out of your hair.


• Contain your time when washing your hair. Remember the strands are delicate and will break under too much pressure.

• Part your hair into smaller sections and wash it. It’s easier for you if your hair is really thick. This also cuts down on tangling.


• Use hot water to wash your hair. Warm water is best for shampooing and rinsing.

• Pile your hair on top of you head and swirl it around. It’s your crowing glory, not a dirty rag! This encourages crazy tangles that’ll take hours to get out…

There is a myth going around that black women should not wash their hair regularly because it will dry out.


Foor good and healthy hair care it should be washed and conditioned a maximum of every 5 days. Every 3-4 days is best.

Your Hair Breakage Solutions

The only way to manipulate and end breakage is to create your hair harder. Your hair troubles can be resolved if you follow these tips and include them in your hair regimen.

Use Protein Re constructor Treatments
Using a effective protein treatment will reinforce your hair durability and create it better capable to stand up against chemicals and harsh products.

Use Moisturizing Conditioners

Moisturizing conditioners less likely to snap under pressure of everyday combing and brushing.  Read more

Typical Hair Growth Rates

Hair typically grows at a rate of ¼ inch to as much as 1 inch a month depending on the above factors.  The maximum length your hair can grow to depends on your hair growth rates and also the length of your hair growth cycle.

To get an idea of how long your hair can grow you have to do two things.

  1. Figure out how much your hair grows per month.
  2. Try to guess how long your hairs growth cycle is.

Read more

Hair Formula 37

There are a lot of vitamins for hair growing out there, but you only require to concern yourself with the best of them. All vitamins are definitely not the same. It causes no sense for you to waste money on the ones that do not work and to waste time waiting for results that aren’t going to come.

Hair Formula 37 is a big program that’s designed   to boost faster hair growing. It is potent formula  has a particular blend of vitamins, minerals, amino   acids and botanicals. When combined this way they help your hair to grow faster and healthier. Read more

Black Hair Growth Growth Issues

There are many things that might make you feel like your hair is not growing.

Since black hair has a curl pattern, the length isn’t always easy to see because the hair “shrinks” up sometimes as much as 80%! Unless you straighten your hair or find ways to allow it to remain ‘stretched’ you might think that your hair isn’t very long when it is. Read more