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Antique Christmas Ornaments And Why They Are Sometimes Expensive

I could not imagine Christmas without antique Christmas ornaments. Christmas would not be Christmas without them.

No matter what your style or theme may be, the thought is unimaginable to have such a holiday without a collection of decorations or ornaments. People spend a lot of money investing in favorite pieces to add to their collections each and every year. Some less expensive than others but there is a huge market non the less.  Serious collectors of antique ornaments don’t just shop for new items at Christmas time, no, they keep their eyes open for these treasures all year long and just can’t wait for the holiday season to come around again, so they can once again display their full collection as well as any new additions for friends and relatives. Read more

Christmas Yard Decorations Don’t Have To Be Expensive

Do you go crazy with Christmas yard decorations?

I love driving around at night and looking at my towns yards so beautifully decorated but for some reason I don’t do much decorating on the outside of my own home. I focus more on the inside at Christmas time. Maybe because I know how much work it is and I do appreciate all the time and effort that goes into decorating the yard.

Normally I just hang a wreath I made on the front door, wire up some cedar bows and place some big bows I’ve made at the tops of the bunches and hang them off the pillars where it meets the railing. Read more