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Moisturizing Extremely Dry Skin

As we age our skin begins loose some it’s moisture and we sometimes find ourselves without that baby soft skin that we began our lives with. Let’s face it we all want to keep our skin soft to the touch (even if we are the only one who touches our own skin).Keeping your skin soft and smooth seems to help hold on to an impression of youth. Here are a few tips to help keep the moisture in your skin and getting rid of dry alligator skin.Remember Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.Everyday life tends to deplete our skin of its natural moisture. The skin need to be replenished of this moisture.Use a body loofah or Buff Puff. These delicate body scrubbers remove dead skin cells while being gentle enough not to cause damage to the next layer of skin. Read more

Fortune Teller, Gypsy and Belly Dancer Jewelry

These elegant characters have the pleasure of wearing lots of beautiful jewelry. Fortune tellers need a gaudy ring on nearly every finger and piles of dangly bangles on both wrists. Gypsies need big hoop earrings and multiple strands of beads around their necks, and wide bangles on their wrists.Belly dancers come in several different varieties, depending on the regions from which they hail. A traditional Egyptian belly dancer can use c, layered-chain chokers and necklaces, and ornate wrist bands. “Tribal” belly dancers, from Turkey or Afghanistan, for example, need lots of rustic metal and glass stone pieces, and even braided threads and tassels. And of course, every belly dancer needs a beautiful bindi or set of bindi adornments for her forehead.

All three of these characters can get by with a little – or a lot! – of dangly coin jewelry, too.

Choosing A Moisturizer

Most people have to deal with dry skin to one extent or another. And most of us know the answer to this is to moisturize. However, walking onto the moisturizer aisle at your local supermarket can be a daunting sight… and in fact, may not even hold your best choices!

First you have to understand what you’re actually trying to do. The term ‘moisturize’, though apt for the feeling you get, is not entirely accurate, in that it makes it sound like you are trying to replace the water in your skin. You are trying to preserve the water in your skin cells, but they way you effectively do this is to apply a layer of oil to the outer surface of the cell. Your body creates these protective oils naturally, but most soaps and cleansers remove them along with the grime you’re trying to get rid of. The best time to moisturize is just after your shower or bath when your skin is still slightly moist, but the water itself isn’t enough to prevent dry skin; you have to use something to keep it there.

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