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Fall Fashion Shoe Savvy

While pointy stilettos will always have a special place in our hearts, round toes rule for Fall. Pumps and boots with sweet round toes and killer cone heels add instant retro pizzazz to skirts and cropped pants.

Get your fix with the ultra hip yet classic Coco Pumps in tweed trimmed with patent leather. They’re simply perfect paired with a sleek pencil skirt

Marc Jacobs’ Leather Boots are perfect in every-way except their sky high price tag. In a ballerina worthy, soft pink with a softly rounded toe and stacked heel these boots Read more

How to Give Yourself a Foot Massage

Here’s how I proceed…

First, I take a shower or bath, or soak my feet in a dishpan I have reserved for this purpose. I like to use a rectangular size, which I store it under the bathroom sink when not in use.After each foot has been soaked, the foot not being massaged right away is wrapped in a towel.

I like to sit on a dining room chair and fold one knee with my lower leg resting on a towel on the thigh of my other leg.

Before I get in this position I make sure to have my supplies set out on the table next to me. I use olive oil most of the time as it is a vegetable food and not toxic. I also have a rough hand towel handy to wipe off excess oil.

To begin the massage, hold your foot with both hands like giving it a hug. Do this ‘hug’ in several positions around your foot. Read more